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Mosque of the Merciful

Mosque of the Merciful

Segrate-Via Cassanese - District of Milan 2 - ITALY



The Islamic Center of Milan and Lombardy is an Association of Muslims, which, as a synthesis of its multiple purposes, has the protection of the cultural and religious identity of the Islamic Presence in Milan and Lombardy, in particular, and on the territory of the Italian Republic, in general. The Mosque of the Merciful, managed by the Islamic Center, was founded in 1988 by the Imam Ali Abu Shwaima and Rosario Pasquini, dean of the Islamic center. The mosque consists of a prayer hall, preceded by a vestibule and covered by a dome of 6 m in diameter and high in key 10 m. On the directional niche (which indicates the direction of Mecca) the fragment of an Ayya of the Koran, which reads: "In the memory of Allah hearts find contentment". There is an annexed service environment. The minaret is also covered by a small dome (2.25 m in diameter and 25 m in height). Both domes are covered in copper plates. The building occupies an area of 128 m2 in a plot of 658 m2. Next to the mosque there is a small cemetery for Muslims who died in the area.
The Islamic Presence in Milan and in Lombardy is, even today, as at the time of the foundation of the Association, made up for the most part by people coming from the Muslim world. The Italian presence in Islam, formed by citizens, holders of political rights, is slow but steadily increasing, as is the number of Muslim immigrants who have obtained citizenship. In relation to this factual situation, the cultural and religious activities of the Islamic Center are of a supra-national nature, because Islam's culture and religion are a common heritage of different peoples, belonging to many non-European countries and substantial Islamic minorities present. in the European continent both of natives and of immigrants. The Merciful Mosque of Milan was the first mosque built in Italy with a dome and minaret after the demolition of the Lucera mosques in 1300. The founders of the Islamic Center played an important role in the foundation of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII ) that connects and coordinates the presence and activity of numerous Sunni Muslim observance communities
Guided tours for schoolchildren are periodicallyorganized and on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the inauguration, in 2008 a series of exhibitions, community meetings, debates and sports tournaments were organized. The center publishes a periodical Il messaggerodell'Islam, founded in 1982 by al-Shaykh 'Abd al-RahmànPasquini, one of the few Islamic publications in Italian (another is Pure Islam, of Shia orientation). The messenger of Islam surpassed 160 numbers in 2008. Pasquini is also the founder of the Edizioni del Càlamo publishing house (public works of Islam dissemination in Italian). publications to make Islam known in books and pamphlets; - exhibitions of Islamic art and historical documentation; - conferences, conversations and debates; - lessons in Arabic and Islamic culture; - didactic activities of the "experts" of the Center, which, at the invitation of teachers, lectures on Islam in schools; - Conversations on Islam for schoolchildren in "educational excursion" to the Merciful Mosque, the first mosque in Italy with a dome and minaret. The presence of the mosque in the immediate vicinity of the Milano Due center has fueled debates on the coexistence of people and groups of different religions and cultures.
The influence of the Islamic Center concerns not only the spiritual and interior aspect of the existence of man (to which the assistance for the organization of collective prayer and of the feasts of precept is linked), but embraces and regulates all aspects of human life. This is why care activities are very important: from the home for newcomers, to information on services and the rights / duties of the immigrant, from 'language teaching to ritual slaughter, from cultural and recreational assistance to mortuary assistance, ... Although religious practice is rather limited even among people of Islamic origin, the activity of the association and cultural centers have played an important role in recent years both with respect to Muslim immigrants (which in Milan constitute a very significant component nowadays). of the population), both with respect to Italian and local institutions, for knowledge and interreligious and intercultural dialogue, as well as for the problems linked to security and the fight against extremism and violence.
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.