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Le comité interreligieux auprès du Conseil Régional de la région Grand Est.

Région Grand Est, Maison de la Région, 1 place Adrien Zeller, 67070 Strasbourg

RELIGIONS Judaism, Catholic, Protestant, Islam, Orthodox, Buddhism


The Interreligious Committee of the Regional Council of the Grand-Est Region, is a committee bringing together representatives of the different religious and spiritual families present in the Alsace region, offering them the possibility of having a regular, open and respectful dialogue between them. The Committee is a forum for dialogue, information, animation and training. It has a function of watch and interpellation. In a world where violence and conflict are rooted too often in religious discourse, the Interreligious Committee with the Alsace Region, concerned about living together, has a mission to promote the meeting between members of religions and cultures present in Alsace.
The Interreligious Committee was set up by the President of the Regional Council of Alsace in a spirit of fraternity and for the service of the common good. This Committee reaffirms its attachment to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion". It supports the right to the welfare of every community and every person in their religious, spiritual and cultural practice. He remains concerned about the application of the rights and duties of everyone in a republican and secular state. Secularism invested with all its formative and unifying function, without being uniformizing, must be understood and defended by the whole Society and by religious leaders in particular. Secularism is creative and responsible for a common rule based on the recognition of diversities by allowing good intelligence.
The Interreligious Committee is willing to work towards respectful relations between the different religions present in Alsace; it also wants to contribute to a secularism understood as a public link strong enough that the many private destinies can be anchored without destroying the protective fabric but also so that all can continue to be together, with their differences, the citizens of the same region, of the same country. This interreligious committee has the project of creating a dialogue between members of different religious denominations, but especially that this dialogue is born within the public sphere, because it is indeed a group of individuals created by a public person who is none other than the regional council of the Grand-Est region.
The Interreligious Committee is defined as a privileged space for promoting encounter and dialogue between religions and cultures. With the support of religious leaders and interreligious associations, it promotes in various forms, with existing means and tools, the meeting and the knowledge of the religious practices present in Alsace. He supports and participates in the animation of initiatives of meetings and dialogues, punctual or permanent, such as the "Rendez-vous with the religions" and the "Month of the other". It serves as a reference point vis-à-vis national education and civil society. He can practice subjects related to his missions. Lastly, it gives an opinion on applications for financial assistance introduced under the Support Fund for Intercultural and / or Interreligious Initiatives. To this end, the Committee will keep an inventory of the people and groups involved in the interfaith meeting and dialogue in Alsace and existing interfaith initiatives. The Interreligious Committee has, for the implementation of the missions entrusted to it, a certain number of means of action : - It meets, at the initiative of the Alsace Region or its members, at least six times a year and when the need arises ; - It makes known his activity and interfaith initiatives in the field through, inter alia, the press, debates, interventions in schools, the newspaper "Région Alsace" ; - It sets up thematic think tanks on topics such as secularism, religious education, the place of religion ; - It organizes conferences for the general public.
The students could enjoy the interventions of the comittee in their schools, they can thus be aware of and care about different topics such as "living together", or the understanding of each other's cults, with mutual respect.



    • Assises du dialogue interreligieux : « Les religions en dialogue : un atout pour la société ».
      Open to the general public on Thursday, May 02, 2017, the Assises of Interreligious Dialogue brought together nearly 200 participants, the main leaders of the cults of the Great East and the members of the Interreligious Committee. Members and supporters of the sixty associations working on the regional territory for a better understanding of the Other, through a respectful and tolerant interreligious dialogue, were also present. These meetings are an example of interreligious events created by the committee.

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    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.