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Inter-religious Table

Via delle Carine, 4 - 00184 Roma - ITALY

RELIGIONS Protestant, Islam, Orthodox, Buddhism


The interreligious table commits itself to - supporting projects, processes and practices to be implemented within social, scholastic, cultural and town planning policies, respecting the spiritual and religious differences of citizens; - to promote initiatives to promote the knowledge of the different Religions, Faiths and Confessions present in Italy; - create occasions for discussion between religious institutions, communities, public institutions, to foster interreligious dialogue and to counter radicalization processes; - produce multimedia and multilingual materials of information and documentation to be disseminated in the institutions and in the city; - identify an annual agenda of cultural and intercultural events on a local, national and international scale related to religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue; - promote and implement courses and initiatives for updating and training on religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue.
The establishment of the Rome Interreligious Table, which took place in December 1998 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Rome and six Religious Communities (Jewish, Protestant, Islamic, Orthodox, Hindu, Buddhist), was placed in the context of numerous institutional interventions aimed at favoring policies capable of promoting and supporting intercultural educational processes in the School and in the Society to develop the recognition of the important role that religions can play in the development of dialogue, mutual knowledge and cooperation. In 2011 the Table was formed in association with the purpose of working for freedom of religion, respect for human rights and interreligious dialogue. Since the beginning of 2012, it is a citizen network that meets at the CIES Intercultural Documentation Center, which is attended by numerous associations operating in the migration sector and representatives of different religions.
The relevance of the Rome Interreligious Table is recognized by the public institutions of the city and the region that support it with strength and determination. Intercultural and interreligious dialogue represents a richness and a fundamental resource, which has its roots in the history of Rome, the cosmopolitan city par excellence, which has always been a mix of races and religions. Thanks to the work of the Table and the many associations that deal with interreligious dialogue, it is possible to build a new plural city, able to accommodate faithful belonging to different religious traditions, making them part of a shared civic fabric and, therefore, holders of full citizenship
The Catholic Church, although invited to participate, does not currently consider joining the table. However, it collaborates with the initiatives proposed by the same. The Inter-religious Table in 2016 signed an agreement with ASL Roma 1 for the design of "a place of prayer, meditation and recollection dedicated to all religions to live in the best way the time of admission, according to their religious and spiritual convictions "In hospitals.
Research laboratory on places of worship shared between different religions:
- the House of One, the world's first house of prayer for three religions, containing a church, a mosque, and a synagogue, which being built in Berlin
- Friday Saturday Sunday, a worship space, in London, for the three Abrahamic Faiths: on Friday, the building is a mosque, on Saturday, a synagogue on Saturdays, and a church on Sundays; during the rest of the week, the building would be open to all for reflection and prayer.
- the Rothko Chapel a non-denominational chapel in Houston, Texas inaugurated on February 27, 1971 on the first anniversary of the artist's death.

Centro Astalli - JRS Jesuit Refugee Service in Italy - Via degli Astalli 14/a - 00186 Roma - ITALY

Community of Sant'Egidio - Piazza Sant'Egidio 3a, 00153 Roma - ITALY

The Arsenal of Peace - 61, Piazza Borgo Dora - 10152 Torino - ITALY

The Conferences of not-Believers - Via Festa del Perdono, 7 - 20122 Milano - ITALY



  • Interreligious Table in Rome
    Interreligious Table in Rome Multi-ethnic Rome site, managed by the Intercultural Service of the Libraries of Rome, engaged for many years in a project of knowledge and communication with the different cultures that coexist in Italy.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.